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Welcome to the PDS Small Bodies Node

thumbnail of planetsThe Small Bodies Node (SBN), a part of NASA's Planetary Data System, specializes in the archiving, cataloging, and distributing of scientific data sets relevant to asteroids, comets and interplanetary dust.

More specifically, SBN seeks to archive data from:

NASA missions are obligated to archive their data within PDS so most of the data is related to and in support of NASA missions. Ground-based observers are not required to archive their data (because they are often funded from non-NASA/public sources) but are welcome to contribute their data.

Data Analysis Proposals Support

ATTENTION! If you are planning to use PDS data for your ROSES data analysis proposal (e.g., Discovery Data Analysis Program, Cassini Data Analysis, Lunar Data Analysis, etc), please check its status indicated on the top of each dataset webpage. Only the datasets with the status "certified," "archived," or "locally archived" are eligible for such proposals. Datasets with the status "non-certified," "safed," or "in peer review" are typically not eligible for ROSES data analysis programs.

New @ SBN

Data Release Schedule

We now have a data release schedule that has the proposed dates of when data provided to the SBN for archiving will be publicly available. This is a proposed schedule and users should not be surprised if missions are late.