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Data Release Schedule

This schedule is posted to show what data we expect to provide to the public in the near future. The unlinked date in the last column is a rough estimation of the data release. After the release, we will link to the data from this page for up to 6 months after release. You can always find links to all of the released data from the "Data Archives" menu above.

        mission phase or instrument
Data Description Data Available Online
Cassini CDA

        Data coverage dates {

(this schedule continues quarterly through 2017)
2013-04-01 to 2013-12-31
2014-01-01 to 2014-03-31
2014-04-01 to 2014-06-30
released Oct 2014
released Feb 2015
released Jul 2015
Cassini HRD

        Data coverage dates {

(this schedule continues semi-annually through 2017)
2014-01-01 to 2014-12-31
2015-01-01 to 2015-12-31
released Mar 2015
Mar 2016
        Cruise/Mars flyby data:
-- L1B Mars Flyby
Mar 2015
FC unknown
VIR unknown
        L1b (calibrated) Vesta data:
GRaND Mar 2015
        Vesta higher level products:
FC Image Mosaics released May 2015
VIR unknown
Dawn Vesta Gravity Science L-0
Vesta Gravity Science L-2
released Oct 2014
released Mar 2015
Galileo Galileo NIMS Point Spectra of Gaspra v1.0 released Nov 2014
Galileo SSI Gaspra Radiometrically Calibrated Images released Jun 2015
LADEE LDEX (all, including derived) released Jul 2015
New Horizons Student Dust Counter: recalibrated post-launch & Jupiter, cruise Dec 2014
REX: post-launch, Jupiter, cruise Dec 2014
Alice, cruise Dec 2014
MVIC, cruise Dec 2014
LEISA, cruise Dec 2014
LORRI: cruise and recalibrated Jupiter Dec 2014
PEPSSI, cruise Dec 2014
Pluto Cruise
Jupiter encounter
released Dec 2014
released Dec 2014
released Dec 2014
released Dec 2014
Asteroid Steins flyby (NAVCAM) unknown
Asteroid Steins flyby (ROMAP) unknown
Asteroid Lutetia flyby (ROMAP) unknown
Stardust Recalibrated NAVCAM images Dec 2014

Ground based data
        Comet Data
9P/Tempel 1 photometry from K. Meech (UH) Dec 2014
Unidentified Cometary Emissions unknown
Comet Halley near-nucleus images, orientation corrected Dec 2014
Ground based data
        Asteroid data
Minor Planet Center v1.0 unknown
Fevig-Fink NEA Spectra v1.0 unknown
Near Earth Asteroid Tracking (NEAT)
        vol 1
        vol 2
        additional volumes
released Jan 2014
released Dec 2014
Lightcurve Derived Data v14.0 released Jul 2014
Asteroid Occultations v12.0 released Jul 2014
Asteroid Polarimetric Database v8.0 released Jul 2014